At Aceituna Verde, we have established ethical principles since our incorporation in 2007. We have always based our principles on transparency and honesty towards our clients as basic pillars in our industry.

Commencing from the privileged location which we have, and obtaining a raw material that we harvest from our own fields and properties in the area. Our values are focused on producing and generating one of the most sought-after extra virgin oils in the Spanish market thanks to our specialisation in the Hojiblanca and Picual varieties.

Our family-owned company has its roots in a prior experience as olive producers and table olives manufacturers for over 17 years, an experience inherited from our parents who instilled in us the know-how of their work and provided a strong knowledge base.

Undertaking our manufacturing processes with the utmost respect and care towards our environmental settings, our company has obtained the Unified Environmental Authorisation.

Although the general principle of any business structure is sales, Aceituna Verde has opted for a personalised service to our customers, setting out all possible options for your hotel establishment or even your table. Please do not hesitate to contact us.