About Us

Aceituna Verde SL is a family-owned company dedicated to the olive grove world with the cultivation of its own estates and the purchase of olives from local farmers.

Although we have always devoted ourselves to this activity, it was in 1999 when we set up our table olives processing plant, originally under another corporate name and having a 1,000 Tn capacity, gradually increasing our capacity to 4,000 Tn which we currently have.

Given the love we have for this world of olive groves, we decided to also set up an oil mill to obtain our own Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from the best olives and with the fresher “COLD” pressed method, environmentally friendly and opting, especially, for the quality of our product until obtaining a PREMIUM EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.
To that end, we take care of the entire process. We are aware that for the purposes of obtaining the best extra virgin olive oils we must bring forward the harvest and pick the olives at an earlier stage, during the onset of ripening, proceeding to its immediate grinding, then cold-pressing and natural decanting to produce our authentic “GARO” pressed olive oil.