Mission and Vision


From Aceituna Verde S.L., we provide the food sector with a great quality oil, excellent flavour and a suggestive aroma.

Our objective is to become a brand (GARO) recognised for its product quality and a reference benchmark in the area and in our markets. But, above all, seeking to be particularly proud of our work and the product we make.

Our business approach is oriented to obtaining a premium product, of excellent flavour and aroma, meeting the most stringent quality standards both in the elaboration as well as in the careful harvesting and processing of the olives.

Our customers are loyal customers who have placed their complete confidence in our company as regards our manufacturing quality, our personalised and careful attention to the product and the consumer.

Innovation-wise, we have the most up-to-date facilities, delivering to our sector the fact of being one of the most advanced olive mills in our area.


The olive oil world and, specifically, that of extra virgin olive oil, is an exciting, authentic and local world. Different product varieties have a variety of flavours and tastes; some strong, others subtle, some spicy, more or less intense. At Aceituna Verde (GARO), we opt for the Hojiblanca and Picual varieties as both varieties have very balanced and suitable flavours for varied tastes.

Our oil production process is by means of a first cold pressing, thus guaranteeing a very good quality and of an excellent flavour product which does not leave any person who tries it, indifferent.

Our corporate vision pursues its efforts in continuing to have, from campaign to campaign, a quality product which bestows us the confidence of all our customers to whom we contribute our best work and endeavours for over 35 years, continuously improving both the cultivation as well as harvesting processes of the olives and oil elaboration. Furthermore, we continue to be committed to a comprehensive commercial vision and quality of service, taking as a point of reference the satisfaction of all the people and companies that place their trust in us.

Remember that, at Aceituna Verde S.L. (GARO) we bring to your table an original, selected and intense product which we have elaborated with utmost care and dedication.